"Chet Meisner is a wonderful storyteller."
—Amarilys Gacio Rassler, multiple award winning author
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D.I.T.T.O. is Coming February 2021


WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if someone really succeeded in creating a human-like artificial intelligence. And WHAT IF it somehow got out of control?"

Here's What Readers Say:

"FAST PACED AND EXCITING . . . explores the questions we should all be asking about artificial intelligence - before we get there and discover it's a place we didn't want to go."

-Dan Alatorre, USA Today Best Selling author, The Gamma Sequence

"A TIGHTLY BOUND PLOT THAT MOVES AT BREAKNECK SPEED. . . all the hallmarks of a classic technothriller a' la Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler."

-Jim Genia, author, Raw Combat

"THE ACTION IS HEART STOPPING and will leave you wondering if [this] could happen in our current day."

-John Slayton, author, Running to Graceland


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